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Worker English Training For Farmers & Agriculture Industry

Worker English training that is specific to your farming business might seem like a dream come true. But we can assure you, it's not. By allowing business owners and decision makers to customize our curriculum however you see fit we provide you with a product that will meet - or ideally- exceed, your expectations. Our English language training programs offer flexible language learning solutions to help your employees succeed and thrive. By tailoring our courses to your specific industry, our corporate language training is specific and delivers timely solutions to your individual needs. The farming and agriculture industries in particular have a revolving cycle of workers, who tend to work seasonal positions, while attracting migrant workers. With such a robust cycle of employment, hiring managers and farm owners need to have reliable communication. Especially when operating heavy machinery. Online English classes are specific, in that they teach what you need to be taught. We don't waste time teaching useless phrases and vocabulary that will never get applied in real life. Call us crazy, but we don't think that is the best use of time, effort or money. Instead, we meet with you to determine what your goals are. Then, we evaluate your employees who will actually be learning. It is only then that we create a customized English course specific to your industry and goals that are realistic for your employees. Online ESL courses like ours focus on the vocabulary you want and need to be taught. Here's some examples:
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