English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

English Language Competencies in Pharmaceutical Industry

English for the Pharmaceutical IndustrySuccessful language learning is not just about knowing grammar and vocabulary - it’s about knowing how to communicate in real-life day to day situations.  Taking this into account, English language classes on site can be a vital tool for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The recent advances in technology have led to an increase in global competition in the pharmaceutical industry.  This contributes to an increased need for pharmaceutical-oriented companies to have English classes for employees.  As companies begin to operate internationally, frequently outsourcing to offshore locations and collaborating with international partners to maximize efficiency, they will require communication between operations in different parts of the world.

English Language Training Improves Communication in Pharmaceutical Industry

For some pharmaceuticals-oriented jobs, communicating with customers and patients is vital for everyday operations. Frequently, pharmacists must communicate with patients to explain instructions, doses and treatment plans. As a result, pharmacies need technicians who have good customer service and corporate English training. Another important department that benefits from English classes on site are the Research and Development for research-based pharma companies. Company English Training can ensure multinational companies remain competitive and flexible. When English language proficiency is uneven across the operation, efforts to streamline the manufacturing process are affected. Although companies operate internationally, the communication between operations research and manufacturing is frequently in English.  It’s also worth noting that nowadays, mastery of particular languages is considered one of the top five things pharma companies look for in candidates!

Workplace English training for Pharmaceutical Industry

Although many C-level executives and senior managers are fluent in spoken and written English, it is not true for every executive across the globe. In countries like Chile, Mexico and Indonesia, the executives are generally older and therefor have less English proficiency than middle management and staff. On-site workplace ESL training can support training and development initiatives. The goal is not to instill basic language skills for employees, but rather to provide the proper training that will grant them the ability to communicate in real-life day-to-day situations at work.

English classes on site can help result in precise language and accurate document translation, which are fundamental for any business, but especially vital for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, sales reps and pharmaceutical technicians that require one-on-one client interactions can benefit from English classes on site. Altogether, proper employee English training reduces costly errors and patient misunderstandings regarding directions or any other important documents!

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