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Interpreting for Immigration

"Immigration interpreting" is defined as a profession that facilitates access to legal immigration services for linguistically diverse clients who do not speak the language of service.

A professional immigration interpreter provides legal immigration and community interpreting services to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers and assists in the various aspects of asylum cases.

Language Connections’ Interpreting for Immigration Training Certificate Program is a 32-hour training course that was developed to enable participants to become competent interpreters for Immigration services.

The Interpreting for Immigration course introduces participants to immigration interpreter roles and skills, interpreter ethics, and immigration terminology in both English and the target language.

Core Competencies is taught by an experienced instructor who is a subject matter expert. Language coaching and role-plays in the target language are offered by experienced immigration interpreters who are native speakers of the target language.

At the end of the Interpreting for Immigration course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify barriers to understanding that can occur between English-speaking staff and foreign clients and approaches to overcoming those barriers.
  • Identify the specific roles of the interpreter and the appropriate use of each role.
  • Demonstrate general knowledge of basic concepts of interpreting within the immigration field.
  • Define key terminology related to immigration in English and target languages.
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of organizational policies, procedures and protocols related to expectations of interpreters.

Interpreting for Immigration Program Entrance Criteria

Training participants must meet the following pre-requisites in order to participate in the training program:

  • Oral proficiency in English and the target language (to be determined during screening interview);
  • Ability to read and write at advanced level in English and in the target language.

Interpreting for Immigration curriculum

Our training program uses the unique immigration interpreting curriculum.
Lectures are conducted by well-qualified and respected professionals in the field.
Language coaching and role-plays in the target language are offered by experienced legal and court interpreters who are native speakers of the target language.

The Interpreting for Immigration curriculum includes:

  • Interpreters’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice;
  • Interpreter Best Practices
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Interpreting memory exercises
  • Note taking for Interpreters
  • Tools for self-critique and analysis
  • Interpreting for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • USCIS mission
  • Lawful immigration to the United States
  • Understanding of Citizenship
  • Homeland Security Act
  • Categories of Legal Entry into the US
  • Status Inside the US
  • Immigration and Naturalization Terminology (English / Target language)
  • Language Practice (English / Target language)
    and more…


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