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Foreign Language Training Online and In-person

Foreign language training on-site

Foreign-language ability can determine whether or not an employee can take on global assignments. Our customized Corporate Foreign Language Training programs are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and help them acquire necessary foreign language skills in a minimal amount of time.

We provide foreign language training in more than 30 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Urdu, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Vietnamese, and more.

Cross-cultural training

A valuable addition to foreign language classes is our cross-cultural training, which allows employees to familiarize themselves with a foreign culture before entering the new work environment. This training goes a long way toward eliminating misunderstandings and confusion on the job.

Group, Private and Semi-private Foreign Language Training Online

Group Foreign Language Classes (4 to 12 students) are designed for corporate and organizational clients who request foreign language training on-site.

Private instruction offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor at their own pace.

Semi-Private Classes are designed for private individuals or corporate and organizational clients who request language training for two individuals.

Before starting the program, students take a free Language Assessment Test to find out their language level.

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We offer the following Foreign Language Training Online:

Arabic Language TrainingForeign language Classes
Chinese (Cantonese) Language Training,
Chinese (Mandarin) Language Training,
Farsi Language Training,
French Language Training,
German Language Training,
Greek Language Training,
Haitian Creole Language Training,
Hebrew Language Training,
Italian Language Training,
Japanese Language Training,
Korean Language Training,
Portuguese Language Training,
Russian Language Training,
Spanish Language Training,
Vietnamese Language Training,
and more…


We employ the most modern methods in the field of language acquisition.

Our Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Method highlights the importance of interaction and real communication for learning to take place.  Our programs include 5 areas of language competency that are vital for effective communication:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar
  • Speaking / Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing / Reading

We view each aspect of language training as a necessary support for the others. Our students learn new vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their English communication skills in a discussion-based and interactive class. Our language instructors focus on high-interest topics that present language in context and stimulate conversation.

Grammar, vocabulary and idioms are taught using textbooks, articles and materials specially prepared by instructors to reflect student interest.

Client Testimonials

Read some of our Client Testimonials and see how our services have made a positive difference in these organizations.

Language Connections offers group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company. Request a quote to receive a quote for your specific language training. One of our training managers will then contact you to discuss your language training needs.

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