English Language Training On-site

English Language Training On-site for Employees

English Language Training On-siteWorkplace English Language Training On-site is intended to increase the effectiveness of your LEP (Limited English proficiency) employees in their communication with co-workers, managers and supervisors in English language, so they can better understand the company’s operations.

It will also help them interact better with English-speaking clients by closing communication and cultural gaps, resulting in improved service and understanding their clients’ needs better.

Our Classes

Each group will include LEP (Limited English Proficiency) employees with a similar level of English. To facilitate good class participation, we recommend to keep smaller class size: 10 – 12 students per class.


The training schedule will be set to accommodate the scheduling needs of your company and your employees. Morning, afternoon and evening class options are available. The classes will take place conveniently on site at a designated company location. Typically, the class meets once, twice or three times a week, 2 – 3 hours per class.

Our Curriculum

The Language Connections curriculum is focused on providing participants with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in English. The curriculum is based on years of material development for a variety of companies and industries. Additional content will be customized to meet the specific needs of your employees through a Needs Assessment. An outline for the course will be provided before the class starts.

Needs Assessment and Customization

Prior to Workplace English Language training, Language Connections will conduct the Language Assessment to identify the specific language needs of the employees. This Language Assessment helps us to facilitate fast, efficient learning of vocabulary and grammar structures that are most useful in your workplace. The instructor who will be teaching the course will participate in this process. The language and needs assessment and course customization usually takes 2 weeks and the course(s) could begin within an additional week.

Feedback and Accountability

Participants will be given oral and written feedback on their performance during the course. Supervisors & participants will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the course and the trainer during the course. After delivering the course, we will review the progress made and the learning outcomes with your participants to identify any opportunities for improvements to subsequent courses.

Our Methods

We strongly believe that language skills are acquired by speaking the language. Language Connections’ teaching methods provide many opportunities for participants to practice speaking both in and out of the class. The majority of class time will be spent with participants learning and speaking functional vocabulary. The course will also include company-specific terminology and expressions, commands, yes/no questions and guided conversations.

Our Instructors

All our English language instructors are selected based on their education, experience, ability to effectively teach customized English Language courses in the workplace and their overall communication skills. Language Connections’ instructors use a highly interactive teaching style. They utilize a wide range of language activities that allow all the participants to get actively involved without putting anyone “on the spot.”

Language Connections offers group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company. Request a quote to receive a quote for your specific language training. One of our training managers will then contact you to discuss your language training needs.

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