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 Online English Language Training

Why Online English Language Training with a Live Instructor is the best solution for some businesses

Online English Language Training can be just as effective as in-person lessons if it is done with the help of a live instructor. The space these lessons take place is changed, but the information that is exchanged is not. Ultimately, live instructors also create more accountability than self-paced software programs do. While quality self-paced programs are available and may be less expensive, live tutors will more quickly teach the language skills your employees need on the job.

Relevant, interesting conversations are what make all the difference in language learning.  Language Connections offers online language training that is taught live by native speakers. Live teachers are more engaging, and now, thanks to technology, they can be engaging anywhere your employees are. These online method of language lessons also costs less, opening the door for the ability to hire the instructor who is truly best equipped to teach your group of students.


Online English Language Training Programs

Our instructors build Online English Language Training Programs based on your employees’ occupation and specific needs. This has proven to be even easier with online lessons, where the ability to custom lessons to fit each student is limitless. Our live instructors are able to monitor students throughout the lesson, addressing individual needs as they arise. Through Zoom, students can raise the hand and ask questions in private, providing a greater level of comfort.

Online English Language Training Methods

Classes utilize the Communicative Approach, in which meaningful conversations assist in adapting a student’s communication strategies to a foreign language. The capability to keep classes both structured as well as unconventional is unique to online classes and a decisive advantage for all foreign language learners. Zoom video conferencing works to the benefit of small group activities, as our certified instructors are able to facilitate the flow of learning in unexpected, engaging ways.

Our corporate Online English Language Training Programs for the digital age are designed with the professional world in mind. Students are able to acquire the necessary language skills in the minimum amount of time while remaining engaged in their respective locations. Our methods lay the groundwork for your employees to do their jobs in a global, digitized world.

Online English Lessons

Our English as a Second Language programs are based on our clients’ unique needs, as our instructors are experts in a variety of online language learning solutions. In order to create customized class interaction in an intuitive online medium, our instructors look to promote practical conversations first and foremost. Each learner engages with their life experiences to review and build upon their own skill base, helping students to communicate with confidence and ease.

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Language Connections offers group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company. Request a quote to receive a quote for your specific language training. One of our training managers will then contact you to discuss your language training needs.

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