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Spanish Language Training On-siteOur Corporate Spanish Language Training Program on-site was specifically designed to meet the needs of your employees.

Corporate Spanish classes on-site will help you improve communication with your Spanish-speaking coworkers, business partners, customers, vendors and other Spanish speakers you interact with as part of your job.

Our Spanish courses for companies are focused on developing Spanish speaking skills first. Students will also practice pronunciation, learn listening comprehension, reading, writing and grammar. By gaining confidence speaking Spanish in their workplace, students will be able to build rapport with their improved ability to communicate and get their point across and eventually increase their productivity.

When students gain confidence in their Spanish speaking skills, they are more likely to maintain interest in continuing to learn Spanish.

Spanish Language Training Objectives

This Spanish Language training is intended to help your employees gain confidence speaking Spanish in the workplace, build rapport and improve their effectiveness in speaking to supervisors, co-workers and clients.

All classes can become more industry-specific, company-specific and job-specific as they progress.

Spanish Language training classes on-site include:

  • In-person on-site Spanish language instruction
  • Work-specific Spanish language curriculum, customized to meet the specific needs of your company
  • Work-specific dialogues & role-plays
  • Pronunciation exercises and oral practice
  • Listening comprehension exercises
  • The cultural context
  • Personalized feedback from the instructor


The course time will be set to accommodate the scheduling needs of your company. We recommend meeting 2-3 times per week for 2-3 hours per class.

Our instructors

We believe that great teachers create great learning experiences.  The instructors at Language Connections are the most valued assets. We put a lot of energy, time and leverage our experience to find the best language teachers to work with our clients. All our instructors are native speakers of the target language, hold a bachelor's or higher degree and have years of experience. 

Corporate Spanish Language Curriculum

The course is based on both a work-specific and conversational curriculum, customized to meet the specific needs of your company. The curriculum is focused on providing participants with the skills and confidence to communicate more effectively in Spanish.

We will design the curriculum after conducting a needs assessment with the potential participants and their supervisors.

Spanish classes on-site include the cultural context

Learning a language outside of its cultural context is reduced to a boring collection of grammar rules and lifeless words.

Our Spanish classes on-site include the cultural context (food, music, humor, dress, etiquette, ways of thinking, approach to social engagement, etc) which brings the learning experience to life. Our native speaking teachers are passionate about their culture and create engaging language lessons that provide students with constant cultural enrichment.

Why work with us

Learning a foreign language can be quite challenging, especially when learning experience is boring, bland and unstimulating.

One of our language training objectives is to create an engaging learning experience for our students. In order to ensure that, we work with the most talented and professional language teachers who have years of experience and speak Spanish natively. 

Who we serve

Corporate clients looking to start Spanish classes on-site for its employees.

Where we operate

We operate anywhere in the U.S.

Language Connections offers group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company. Request a quote to receive a quote for your specific language training. One of our training managers will then contact you to discuss your language training needs.

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