3 Benefits of Corporate Language Training

3 Benefits of Corporate Language Training

In most businesses, effective communication is one of the key factors to success; however, it is estimated that in the United States roughly 61% of the civilian labor force is composed of limited English proficient individuals.

Corporate Language TrainingWith U.S. businesses engaging in more activity overseas, many native English speaking employees may also find themselves in a position of poor proficiency in foreign languages. While not knowing the native language of a work environment speaks nothing to work ethic, having employees who can confidently and comfortably converse with customers and other members of the business team is essential.

Today, there are many options for companies looking to train their employees in the native languages where they do business – the most effective way is through Corporate Language Training programs. These programs not only focus on the language aspect of your employee’s work environment, but also on your industry – training participants to converse in the native language of your business in a minimal amount of time, and with great benefits.

Issues That Occur Without Corporate Language Training

English Language TrainingFor many businesses, engaging clients or partners without being able to speak their native language can result in potentially awkward or disastrous situations. From slight miscommunications, to full on offensive statements, the issues that can arise without proper corporate language training include scenarios such as:

  • Giving a customer wrong information on a product or service
  • Not understanding the vocabulary used within the everyday culture in a businesses
  • Misunderstanding non-verbal cues that come along with the native language of a market
  • Performing a task incorrectly because directions were not understood
  • Accidently insulting a customer or partner

The list is never ending. Aside from slowing down day to day operations, unclear communication can cause long lasting business relation issues if an employee appears to not understand those they interact with.

The 3 Main Benefits of Corporate Language Training

Participating in a customized corporate language training program is an investment into your business – one that will ensure clear and accurate communication by your employees. There are 3 major benefits that you and your employees can expect to gain from such programs:

1. Corporate Language Training Programs are Taught by Native Speakers

From English language training to Spanish language training, one thing that is guaranteed by a corporate language training program is that the instructors will be fluent in your target languages. This ensures that proper grammar and usage are taught, as well as cultural norms that may come alongside your company’s target language.

2. Corporate Language Training is Language and Industry Specific

Not only will your employees be learning the generic vocabulary of the target language, they will also be learning the translations for industry specific terminology. For example, business English language training can include terms and expressions such as “ROI”, “Ballpark Figure” or operating “in the black”. Regardless of your industry, it is likely that there are every day terms and expressions used that don’t necessarily translate between languages, but that are essential to know for company operations.

3. Corporate Language Training is Interactive

Unlike online language courses which generally require students to perform written or digital exercises and nothing more, corporate language training programs will couple language training with realistic role play activities that will prepare participants to use their language skills in real settings. Such exercises can include mock negotiations, retail environment scenarios and phone calls to name a few.

Although these are three of the main benefits for undergoing training, there are many reasons why you should consider corporate language training for employees with limited language proficiency.  Language for Professionals offers completely customizable corporate language training programs to encompass everything your employees need to know in order to have the best possible experience working in your company.


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