Professional Skills Training Programs

Professional Skills Training Programs On-site for Companies and Organizations

Professional Skills Training ProgramsOur on-site Professional Skills Training Programs are specifically designed to train your employees how to make the most of their time and abilities right where they come to work every day.

Language Connections customized training solutions are based on your company’s needs and challenges and provide employees with the skills and tools needed to help them increase productivity, keep projects moving and make an immediate impact on your business.

Our On-site Training courses are flexible, cost-effective and allow you to train as many or as few employees as you need—from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

Our employee training programs are delivered where and when you want them—at your offices, at our center locations or at a location of your choice.

Language Connections’ Professional Skills Training On-site results in:

  1. Professional training solutions customized specifically for your business
  2. Lower training costs
  3. Increased employees’ productivity
  4. No travel expenses for employees
  5. Employee growth & development

Your company and employees benefit from Professional Skills Training because:

  • We bring the best trainers to your location to train your employees onsite.
  • Employees learn with real-world, business and industry specific examples to ensure your project's success.
  • The course material is tailored to fulfill your company’s needs and expectations.
  • You can train groups of employees to significantly reduce expenses.
  • You maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling
  • You choose the date and the times. Saturday training is also an option.

We offer the following Professional Skills Training programs:

  • Leadership Skills Training On-Site
  • Effective Communication Skills Training On-Site
  • Time management Skills Training On-Site

Leadership Skills Training On-Site

Leadership Skills Training

This on-site leadership skills training will assist your employees in becoming more effective leaders.

Our Leadership Skills Training Program will help your employees develop, support and reinforce leadership skills.

By learning more about their own behaviors, personality and leadership style, your employees will be able to better understand the impact they have on others, and discover how to lead more effectively.

Leadership is the knack of getting other people to follow you and to do willingly the things you want them to do. By developing your employees’ leadership skills at an early stage, you’ll equip them with the knowledge their need to take on leadership roles in the future.


Effective Communication Skills Training On-Site

Effective Communication Skills Training

Behavior is a choice. Each person behaves in a way that they feel is successful.

Effective interpersonal communication is critical to establishing a motivational work environment that maximizes productivity.

Ineffective communication can often lead to negative work relationships and can affect your company’s business.

Every employee should have an understanding of the basics of communication, whether it’s an e-mail thread or a face-to-face meeting.

Our Effective Communication Skills Training course will help your team develop the essential skills they need to communicate internally and externally, both verbally and in writing.

Are your employees/team members lacking effective communication skills?

Each person brings to work a unique set of skills, knowledge, and beliefs. Each person behaves in a way that they feel is successful. The communication challenges in most work environments relate to the establishment and maintenance of trust.

Our Effective Communication Skills Training will increase your employee’s awareness of the consequences their behavioral choices have on others. Participants will learn through adaptive behavior they can choose communication strategies that establish trust, minimize conflict and maximize cooperation. This will help them create a positive work environment that enhances job satisfaction and increases productivity in the workplace.

Time management Skills Training On-Site

Time management Skills Training

Many employees lack the skillset required to manage their time effectively. This results in stress, missed deadlines, and poor work quality.

One of the greatest challenges is keeping on top of everything. And one of the biggest employee’s complaints in the business world today is not having enough time. Many people don’t realize that, but the truth is – the amount of time you have is not the problem, it’s how you use your time that matters.

Our Time management Skills Training On-Site is designed to help your employees manage their time more effectively.

It provides techniques and tools that will help your employees stay organized, focused, and be more productive in the workplace every day.

Our Time management Skills Training On-Site will train participants how to:

  • Set short and long-term goals
  • Identify their daily/weekly priorities
  • Plan & schedule their time
  • Address time-stealers like procrastination, clutter, and interruptions
  • Understand time and how you are spending it
  • Get organized by developing a system for all their forms of communication
  • Develop a plan of action so they leave the seminar ready to make some real changes

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