Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Course for Non-native Speakers of English  

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Course for Non-native Speakers of English

Corporate English Language Training Program for Companies

Fine tune your English with accent modification exercises and techniques which will improve your pronunciation, intonation, phrasing and enunciation. Discover how vowel and consonant sounds are made. Practice the flow and rhythm of American English by varying word stress and voice pitch.

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Course for Non-native Speakers of EnglishAccent Reduction and Pronunciation Course Objective:

The objective of this Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Course is to help students improve their intelligibility when they speak English and reduce their native language accent.

Students will learn how to correctly produce and practice the individual sounds, syllable stress, word stress, rhythm, intonation, and features of connected speech in American English. Pronunciation instruction will also improve the student’s overall speaking skills and listening comprehension.

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and better produce American English phonemes: vowels (long and short,) schwa, diphthongs, consonants, consonant clusters
  • Recognize, distinguish and produce minimal pairs (s/sh/ t/th, b/p, r/l, etc.)
  • Know the position of the tongue, mouth, and lips for each of the sounds above
  • Recognize and better produce correct intonation and stress in sentence level conversation.
  • Recognize the pronunciation difficulties that she and other speakers of her native language have in pronouncing English AND do exercises to overcome these difficulties and reduce the difference between her pronunciation and that of native speakers.
  • Self-assess their English language utterances for volume, intonation, stress, and pronunciation and take steps to improve these areas

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