Corporate Language Training in NJ

Corporate language training in NJ helps facilitate relationships between employees and clients

For one of the smaller states, New Jersey has a large variety of linguistic diversity to offer. By far the most common language to be spoken at home after English is Spanish, with Chinese as the next most common. Known for its strong education system, New Jersey also has a high percentage of K-12 students learning a foreign language in school. This early integration of languages pays off later down the road, when it becomes a necessity to draw on a common language in the workplace.  Corporate language training in NJ therefore should be considered to be a priority, as it helps facilitate relationships between employees and potential clients.

Corporate language training in NJ can help ensure clinical trials run smoothly

Corporate language training in NJ

New Jersey is well-known for its strength in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The state is home to many of the world’s largest names in the pharmaceutical industry, all of which benefit from language courses for companies, including Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck & Co., Novo Nordisk and Bayer Healthcare  The State's concentration of medical institutions coupled with its high population density and extensive transportation infrastructure makes it an ideal place for clinical trials. When dealing with a large influx of people that could speak any number of languages— Korean, Italian, Arabic, or Hindi just to name a few— language courses for employees can help ensure clinical trials run smoothly.

Corporate Language Training in NJ can help overcome language barriers in the workplace

Transportation and logistics are both major components of New Jersey’s economy. Because of its central location between New York City and Philadelphia, New Jersey is within a day’s drive from 40 percent of the U.S. population. A large share of workers in TLD (Transportation, Logistics & Distribution industies) are Hispanic residents.  Corporate English language training on-site for employees can help them overcome language barriers and improve communication in the workplace.

Tourism is also a major component of New Jersey’s economy, with numbers of visitors reaching record-breaking highs in recent years. From ski slopes, to city skylines, to beaches, to farms, New Jersey has a plethora of areas people plan their visits around. Industries involved in the lodging, food, and retail sectors generate the most revenue in the state. When communicating with customers from all over the globe, corporate language training programs could help workers in the food service and hospitality industries.

With major cities like Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson, New Jersey has several influential metropolitan areas that act as hubs of business. It’s possible to encounter any number of languages when seeking to build a relationship with these companies, so a corporate language course is an important tool to consider!

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