Corporate Language Training in PA (Pennsylvania)

Corporate Language Training in PA

Pennsylvania possesses one of the most robust economies in the United States. As the sixth largest economy in the country, Pennsylvania is home to many prominent corporations, including Aramark, Comcast, and RiteAid. Due to the international character of these companies, as well as the diverse linguistic backgrounds of their employees, corporate language training in PA is a must, including on-site and online English classes.

Why Corporate Language Training in PA is Necessary Corporate Language Training in PA

Pennsylvania has a relatively high population of non-English speakers in the United States. According to statistics collected by DataUSA, about 12% of the population in Pennsylvania speaks a language other than English. This percentage is even higher in the state’s largest city, Philadelphia, as 23.9% of the city population are non-English speakers. Additionally, Spanish forms the most common non-English language in the state with 4.7% of Pennsylvanians reporting it as the primary language spoken at home. This linguistic diversity requires that companies devote sufficient resources to provide company language training programs for their employees, especially corporate English classes. Effective communication is imperative to business success. Without a common language to facilitate communication between employees, misunderstandings are more likely to occur. Given the fact that the top industries in the state are education and healthcare, training employees in languages other than English is vital to ensure that companies are able to deliver the appropriate services for customers.

Corporate Language Training in PA to build Pennsylvania’s Foreign Business Connections

Many of Pennsylvania’s top companies operate internationally, further demonstrating the need for corporate language classes. For instance, Keystone Foods, a company based out of Philadelphia, owns subsidiaries in Malaysia and Thailand and exports high quality food products around the globe. Similarly, Comcast provides news to the majority of European countries through its subsidiary, Sky News. These international dealings stress the importance of Pennsylvania companies investing in language services to help drive their businesses towards success.

Providing on-site or online language training to employees can also help them advance their career. Knowing a foreign language is a highly valued skill by employers and can help professionals stand out in today’s job market. Learning a foreign language can also help improve cultural sensitivity within the workplace, thereby creating a more equitable work environment.

Conclusions Regarding Corporate Language Training in PA

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