Effective English Communication Skills Course for Non-Native Speakers of English

Effective English Communication Skills Course 

Corporate English Language Training Program for Companies

Effective English Communication Skills Course Language Connections’ Effective English Communication Skills Course for Non-Native Speakers of English is all-skills program that integrates grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, pronunciation, and writing -- all in an engaging and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers nationwide.

With our Effective English Communication Skills Course students will improve their fluency in different areas of English through activities that focus on oral and written expression.

The Effective English Communication Skills program focuses on developing both business and real-world English skills.

Effective English Communication Skills Program Objective:

In this Effective English Communication Skills Course students will:

  • Practice and expand the language skills necessary for success in the professional world.
  • Study cultural influences on communication more thoroughly, identify key cultural influences in their own experience and compare their culture with a different one to identify ways to improve communication and decrease misunderstanding.
  • Develop email accuracy and style and engage in email correspondence with potential employers, clients or investors to set up interviews and/or meetings.
  • Practice and Demonstrate fluent and accurate spoken English
  • Polish their pronunciation through more connected speech including use of through groups, contractions/reductions, and linking.
  • Have the opportunity to experiment with different types of language for different contexts, both formal and informal.


Effective English Communication Skills Program Includes:

  • Discussion, brainstorming and debates
  • Group work and tasks
  • Communication exercises
  • Reading and listening comprehension exercises
  • Vocabulary and written exercises
  • Grammar exercises
  • Conversation techniques
  • Role playing


Effective English Communication Skills Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Express their interests and opinions, engage in debates and make presentations in English;
  • Use everyday social expressions correctly and the natural pauses of English spontaneously;
  • Develop strategies to make their conversation more fluent and natural, while gaining confidence when speaking and writing in English;
  • Improve their pronunciation and intonation and communicate in English with confidence;
  • Develop new effective communicative skills

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