English Classes for Warehouse Workers


English Classes for Warehouse WorkersThe demand for employees in warehouse and shipping facilities has risen dramatically over the past decade as e-commerce has ballooned and the supply of available workers has struggled to keep up. Many companies utilize recent immigrants to meet the demand, but not all these workers have the necessary English to communicate effectively on the job. If your workforce is made up of non-native speakers, here are a few reasons why should consider using Language Connections to provide English classes for warehouse workers.


1. A safer working environment

Your employees’ ability to communicate effectively with one another and their supervisors, as well as read and understand information is paramount to creating a safe working environment. By offering English classes for warehouse workers, you can reduce accidents, resolve disputes, and save costly interruptions to service.

2. A more productive working environment

English training for warehouse workers saves your employees and their supervisors valuable time. Instead of struggling to communicate, employees can operate more efficiently and comfortably when they are able to understand directions, ask questions, and read important information. A multi-lingual employee is also better positioned for advancement, allowing you to promote workers from within the organization.

3. A competitive benefit for employees

Employers who provide English training for Warehouse workers are not only building a more effective workforce, but create an advantage over their competitors to draw the best employees. Not only does your investment of English classes improve your employees’ performance and satisfaction on the job.  You are also improving their comfort in their community as well.

If you are ready to advance your workforce, Language Connections can offer you a customized ESL course for warehouse workers. We teach classes on-site, around the country. Our classes are taught by an experienced staff and expertly tailored towards workers in the warehouse industry.

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