English for biotech companies

English for biotech companies

English for biotech

English For Biotech is an English as a Second Language course that was developed to allow students to become acquainted with the vocabulary and language structures indispensable for communicating on biotechnological ground. It helps students develop professional language skills through a wide range of texts followed by comprehension activities, vocabulary tasks, elements of grammar, speaking and listening exercises.


3 Reasons Why Biotech Companies Should Invest in Customized English Programs

Did you know that English is becoming increasingly important for those looking to pursue or advance their careers in biotechnology? In recent years, higher education has put more emphasis on the biotechnology sector. Many universities now provide specialized programs offering certificates in areas such as biotechnology management. Among the many required courses like math, biology and chemistry, English is also a requirement. Having an academic degree won’t necessarily pave your way into a career in biotech---in fact, according to Neeley’s 2017 study, English has been the lingua franca (common language) of cross-border organizations for nearly three decades. This means that having a solid base knowledge of the English language helps jumpstart your career... and open doors to an abundance of opportunities. Find out how you can break into the biotech industry today with customized English programs!


3 Ways Your Company Benefits From Customized Programs in English for Biotech Companies

1. Knowing Business English helps employees develop professional language skills

Countless studies have shown that having employees that know corporate language is vital to a company’s success. Biotech companies today (many of which are multinationals) use English for some capacity of cross-border work, whether it is in negotiation, networking, meeting or conference settings.

Businesses dealing with medicine and advanced technologies with an international focus will want their employees to be acquainted with the vocabulary and language structures specific to the biotech industry. For example, discerning the differences between "potency" and "latency" will become indispensable for communicating on biotechnological ground. Companies expanding their operations and influence globally need a workforce that can communicate effectively in a global language.

2. Business English helps increase chances for potential partnerships or clientele

Employees that are confident in English speak with clarity to clients and partners. Speaking English is a vital skill that has tremendous impact on a firm’s productivity (and even product quality!). With the help of Business language courses or English language training, employees will be clear about what they want and articulate that.  Having employees with great communication skills in English will help your firm push the envelope and increase chances of becoming an attractive partner or vendor to more clients, etc!

3. Language training is an important part of workforce development

Per Forbes, companies that build language learning into employee development plans (and measure their success in these endeavors) are twice as likely to report complete alignment to their organizational goals. To boot, according to the report, 75% of companies report that employees prefer to learn languages in person.

Language learning programs are one of the most effective ways to increase employees’ language abilities and to align to the company’s strategic plan. In-company ESL courses or on-site language training classes give a new level of refinement to their spoken and technical English. Language programs for companies specific to the biotech industry will allow workers to practice specialized vocabulary, like biotech-related words and expressions that are needed in the day-to-day functioning of a position.

If you decide to consider this tactic further, Language Connections, a Boston-based language training company, offers customized ESL program that includes biotech industry specific content and modules relating to the biotechnology industry.

Language Connections offers customized ESL program that includes biotech industry specific content and modules relating to the Biotechnology Industry. Contact us today to receive a free quote!

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