English for Customer Service Training

Why Is English for Customer Service Training Necessary for Your Employees?

English for customer serviceNearly every industry hires customer service representatives that take care of customers by handling their complaints, questions, and providing support. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of customer service representatives is projected to grow 5% from 2016 to 2026. If your workers could benefit from sharpening their English skills and become more efficient at their job, English classes for customer service will help them achieve better performance both in and out of the workplace.


1. English courses for Customer Service are imperative to improve quality of communication

Communicating with customers is the main responsibility a person who works in customer service has. Workers in the field must be able to handle claims, help with transactions, ensure customer satisfaction, and provide good customer support as well as many other things. It is imperative for a customer service representative to provide high quality service for the customer on behalf of the company.  To do this, workers need to have a good understanding of English and be able to express themselves in a clear and coherent way. Corporate English Language training resources for customer service grants workers in your department the skills needed to increase the value of the service they are providing to your customers.

2. ESL classes for Customer Service allow your employees to provide value for your company

Customers are what drive your business and therefore its crucial for a company to ensure they are 100% satisfied at all times. Customer service representatives and managers need to build a relationship and engage their customers by listening, helping, and emphasizing with different situations. If you feel like your workers do not have a good knowledge of English, it will be difficult for them to build a relationship with the customer, creating frustration. English for customer service will help them to use the right words at the right time, thus increasing the quality of the service the worker is providing. A satisfied customer creates value beyond their own current sale.  They are also likelier to return to the business and provide positive word of mouth for the company.


Our ESL courses for customer service are offered nationwide and are tailored to customer service job duties. Our courses provide graduates with a level of English that is necessary to answer client’s questions, address requests, process payments, answer phone calls, and all other responsibilities they might have.

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