German Language Classes On-site

Corporate German Language Classes On-site for Companies

German Language Classes On-siteThe ability to speak multiple languages in the workplace is an invaluable asset that provides numerous benefits for both the employee and employer. It helps employees communicate effectively with their local and international coworkers and provide a positive work environment. This becomes highly important in the United States, where many foreign companies do business by establishing a company branch or a subsidiary.

Many companies in the U.S. implement German language training for employees for their U.S.-based workforce in order to improve communication with their German partners and international offices in Germany.

What Companies Need German Language Classes On-site?

Germany has a major influence in the United States economy. The U.S. and Germany are some of the most important foreign investors in each other’s markets. The industries with the highest percentage of investments are the transport sector, the chemical industry, and the machinery industry.

Some examples of specific companies within these industries that use German language training include: Volkswagen, T-Mobile, BMW, and Aldi. It comes as no surprise with this high influence of German companies in the U.S. market that they employ some 674,000 people in the U.S. However, 87% of these companies report that they “always,” “very often,” or “sometimes” were dissatisfied or have difficulty finding skilled employees in the U.S. German companies.

Workplace German language training on-site will help create effective communication and positive work environment at U.S.-based German companies. It would also allow these employees to have the necessary and appropriate German language skills for traveling abroad and working in German offices.

The Benefits of German Language Classes On-site

Companies are beginning to recognize the importance of providing corporate language programs within their workplace. Industry specific onsite workplace language training provides many benefits for the workers and the employers. It improves team work, employee morale, and internal and external communication. It also promotes better understanding of other cultures, business practices, and social etiquette. Providing a corporate language course can also increase employees’ confidence and sense of value within the company.  This, in turn, can decrease employee turnover and save the company time and money.

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