Language Courses for Employees in TX (Texas)

Why Language Courses for Employees in TX?

Texas currently ranks as the fourth most diverse state in the U.S. and also has the distinction of being known as a “majority-minority” state. This should be expected from the Lone Star state, which has historically blazed its own path. Within Texas, nearly a third of the population speaks Spanish. The next most commonly spoken languages in the state are Vietnamese and Chinese, adding to the linguistic diversity of the state. Language courses for employees often make companies which are headquartered in the state more appealing and attractive to new sections of the workforce.

Language Courses for Employees in TXAgriculture plays a crucial role in the Texas economy. Texas has the largest number of cattle in the entire U.S. and the state is also the country’s leading producer of goat and sheep products. With so many employees working in the agriculture industry, in-person or online language lessons for employees can improve the way agricultural employees communicate with one another. Moreover, agriculture is the second largest industry in Texas, making it an important area to introduce language courses for employees. Approximately one out of seven people in Texas rely on agriculture for their livelihood, emphasizing the scale that corporate language programs can have.

Language Courses for Employees in TX: Oil and Tourism Industries

Headquarters for major oil companies are found within the state of Texas. Companies that could benefit from language courses for employees include Exxon Mobil in Irving, Marathon Oil and ConocoPhillips in Houston, Valero and Tesoro in San Antonio, and BP in Houston. Because of technological advances in the field, fluidity of language is becoming increasingly important. It is estimated that petroleum deposits in Texas account for about one third of all the known petroleum supply in the country. Corporate language classes can benefit the industry which relies on overseas partners and lasting business relationships.

Tourism is also one of Texas’s leading economic drivers. Common reasons to vacation in Texas include visiting National Parks and exploring historic sites. For these reasons and more, tourists come visit the state from all over the globe. Corporate language programs can help companies engage with tourists individually. There are many sectors within tourism, including hospitality, transportation, and retail that could benefit from a corporate language course.

Language Courses for Employees in TX of Diverse Backgrounds

The languages that Texans speak reflect their diverse backgrounds. Language courses for companies benefit cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin as well as the surrounding rural areas. Immigrants created Texas’s diverse economy and continue to shape it to this day.

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