Military English Training For the US Army and Air Force

The importance of Military English Training For the US Army and Air Force

Military English Training For the US Army and Air ForceEnglish has become the language of choice for the US Army and Air Force worldwide. But like any other type of language, military English has its own vocabulary, idioms and abbreviations. It is essential that soldiers involved in international operations develop proficient English language skills.

Language For Professionals offers Military English Course that was developed for military personnel, government employees or international agencies staff who are required to work in international teams using English as the common language.

The Military English Training Course includes:

1) Peacekeeping language
2) Advanced presentation skills
3) The language of planning and strategy
4) Debriefing scenarios
5) Diplomatic English
6) Levels of Formality:  tone, register and vocabulary

The Military English Training Program will help you:

  • Learn key military English terminology and jargon
  • Gain greater awareness and more effective use of diplomatic language
  • Gain greater confidence in your ability to convey your message in English
  • Build broad vocabulary for discussing peacekeeping and military issues

The US Army has acknowledged the importance of language training. Language training such as Military English Training can provide great benefit to soldiers who are sent on peacekeeping assignments overseas or work within international organizations. Speaking English language at a proficient level will help them to communicate effectively with their counterparts or build relationships with the local populations and improve the success of their deployment.

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