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Online corporate English training

Online corporate English training is an advantageous investment for business owners anywhere in the world. For leaders in North Carolina (NC), providing language training online to employees should be an easy decision to make. As of 2020, 20% of NC residents are originally from countries like Mexico (28% of immigrant residents), India (9%), Honduras (4%), China (3%), and El Salvador (3%). What is more, since 2018 2 out of every 5 foreign-born people living in North Carolina are naturalized citizens (having at least 1 immigrant parent); 76% of whom reported having a child who could speak some English. What we can learn from these findings, is that a large portion of North Carolina residents are first-generation U.S citizens, who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) at a sufficient level.

But is " speaking sufficiently good English" good enough for North Carolina's labor force?


Online corporate English trainingWhen 11% of all workers, or 1 in 9, or 548,197 people across all industries are working immigrants, together they make up a critically large important portion of the labor force. Commonly holding jobs in industries like agriculture, construction, administration, manufacturing and accommodation- immigrant workers are quite literally keeping the state's economy afloat.

Like most of the country, North Carolina is facing a labor crisis that shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Coming in at #6 in the nation for it's number of migrant farmworkers, North Carolina's $10 billion agricultural industry has taken a hit that has only magnified during Covid-19 lockdowns. Compounded by the 10% rise in the cost of food production, the surge in housing and stagnant wages felt nation-wide, North Carolina is not alone in it's struggle for migrant farmhands.


How can Online corporate English training in NC help business owners?💭

Incentivizing workers with corporate English training online for employees can help to mitigate quite a few problems:

1️⃣ Giving back to foreign-born and temporary workers with online corporate English training works to your benefit by attracting farmhands and modernizing farm work✅. With temporary workers now able to hold three-year working visas, business owners are able to reduce employee turnover✅ by investing in your people by teaching a skill they will continue to profit from long after they return home.

2️⃣ With more workers manning the farms in North Carolina for longer periods of time, farm owners are doing heir part to lower food prices✅ and combat inflation.

3️⃣ Ensuring your employees can communicate effectively is much a benefit to you as it is to them. Onsite corporate English training allows your employees to communicate safely which helps to decrease accidents and avoid costly lawsuits✅ by keeping them safe while at work.


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