The Importance of Corporate Language Classes in Boston

Corporate Language Classes in Boston

As a city where over 140 languages are spoken every day, Boston is known for its ethnic diversity. Those languages can be heard everywhere from the subway to the office, where it’s not uncommon to manage employees whose native tongue is either Spanish or Chinese. It’s important that employees can communicate comfortably with co-workers and managers in their commonly used language, and corporate language classes in Boston can help them achieve exactly that.

Learning a language for business: Corporate Language Classes in Boston

Corporate Language Training in Boston, MA

In the workplace, learning a language for business is a boon for both the individual employees and the company as a whole. Language courses for employees offer a whole range of options with companies. Many companies—from those belonging to the healthcare industry to tech or to finance—are headquartered in Boston. It’s vital they can broaden their business to all parts of the globe. A rule of thumb for global consumer-facing businesses is that you must speak the language of your customers, whatever that may be, and a corporate language course opens up a door that might have otherwise been closed. In addition, learning a second language is intellectually challenging and can improve the mental acumen of employees. Numerous studies suggest that multilingual individuals perform better on cognitive ability tests and are generally more focused than those who only speak one language.

Corporate Language Classes in Boston for companies and organizations

Elite corporations depend on the global exchange of employees or ideas, a transfer that requires a common language. Corporate language programs can help build ties between people that can see a company through processes of cultural exchange. Well-known firms such as FTI Consulting, Digitas, and Deloitte all have offices in Boston and maintain strong ties with their counterparts all around the world, from the Asian Pacific to Latin America. Rotational staff frequently move through businesses across countries and continents owned by parent companies. For the time period they remain at each subsidiary, connections can be forged through a shared language. Corporate language classes in Boston open access to employees who travel to develop business relationships.

Law firms based in Boston rely on corporate language classes, as multilingualism is necessary when dealing with Visa laws. The evergreen tech industry is another instance of a company where communication logistics is critical. Amazon’s Seaport office opening in 2021 in Boston's Seaport District will create 2,000 tech jobs in the city. The tech industry prides itself on hiring the best qualified candidates, regardless of what part of the globe they come from, and language lessons for employees will help various departments to run smoothly.

Boston is a melting pot like any other city, with its own unique blend of languages, customs, and culture. Local businesses rely on a steady rapport with repeat customers, offices need to make conference calls with corporate divisions oversees, and government employees greet representatives from foreign countries on a regular basis. Language courses for companies can help local corporations thrive and make Boston the city they flourish in.

Language Connection offers customized workplace corporate language training programs: English Language Training and Foreign Language Training courses for employees onsite tailored to the client’s’ needs that include specific vocabulary of the client’s industry.

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