Accent Reduction Corporate Programs and Their Benefits

Accent Reduction Corporate Programs in the Workplace

Accent Reduction Corporate Programs Many non-native English speakers find that they have a strong grip on the language, but are struggling to clearly communicate their ideas to peers, colleagues, etc because of their accents. This problem can make it difficult for those with a strong accent to move upwards in their personal or professional lives. In order to alleviate this struggle, there are Accent Reduction Corporate Programs that offer help with accent reduction training. The goal of this corporate accent reduction training is not to eliminate the participant’s accent completely. An accent in and of itself is not unfavorable! The goal of this corporate language training is to create clear, articulate speech. There are several techniques that can reduce a prohibitively strong accent and many benefits that accompany improved, clear communication.

Accent Reduction Corporate Programs: Training Techniques Overview

There are multiple techniques that participants are coached on in employee English training programs that focus accent reduction. Here are five techniques that included:

1. Watching the way English speakers move their mouths when they talk:

If you’re struggling to master certain words, look at the way native English speakers move their mouths when pronouncing this word. Practice these words by looking in the mirror and making the same movement and shapes.

2. Concentrating on pronouncing the end of words:

Words that end in “-s” and “-ed” are more challenging than others to pronounce. Practicing these endings can improve communication.

3. Paying attention to how English speakers stress their words:

This can allow you to improve your pronunciation and be able to match a native speaker’s natural speech flow.

4. Listening to an accent you want to replicate:

Listening and imitating an English accent that appeals to you can help you achieve the pronunciation you want.

5. Recording yourself reading out loud:

Recording yourself, then playing back that recording, is a great way of being able to hear words and phrases that are more challenging for you to pronounce. This can allow you to focus on practicing these harder words.

Benefits of On-Site Accent Reduction Corporate Programs

There are a variety of benefits from participating in on-site company language training, such as an accent reduction program. These benefits include gaining clear and articulate speech, which becomes essential when striving to improve and move ahead in a professional setting. It would also allow for better negotiation and networking skills, which can increase your chances for closing a deal or getting a promotion. Accent reduction language lessons for employees can also provide personal benefits. A personal benefit from accent reduction training would be creating greater confidence and reducing self-conscious feelings. This would specifically help when presenting in front of your friends, peers or bosses. Accent reduction training would also allow you to have fewer mistakes when speaking. This leads you to be more confident that you’re saying the right thing at the right time and to be certain you’re getting what you want to communicate across to the other person.

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