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Online Language Training Courses – People Centered, Business Focused

Whether you need industry specific language training for construction or hospitality, or general English training for employees, our language training programs are people centered and business focused. When employers identify a language barrier - whether it be  comprehension or diction or even getting employees up to speed with the corporate world in our professional English program - we provide solutions. In 10 weeks, we can improve your employees English skills and give them the tools to be successful. But how do you know which business language training online course is right for you? Out of all the companies offering online language training courses, how do you choose the right program for your employees?
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Celebrating Valentines Day Around The World

Celebrating Valentines Day in the United States typically consists of the standard dinner date, and maybe some flowers, chocolates, jewelry and cards. These hallmarks of the holiday aren't necessarily wrong or go unappreciated, they are just tried-and-true and expected. The thing about Valentines day being a holiday, makes people save their affection and expressing their feelings for February 14th, and on the 15th it's back to business as usual. Showing your love and expressing genuine feelings, unfortunately, is not something that everyone is taught how to do. And yet, so many of us enter romantic relationships assuming the other person knows our feelings without communicating them. Corporate English classes may be able to help there, but this phenomenon is experienced world-wide, not just in North America. In fact, other countries around the world celebrate this day of romance in other ways...
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Language Training for Construction Workers and 3 Immediate Benefits

Language training for construction workers is an essential part of training- especially when 2.5 million immigrant workers are employed in the construction industry. Many Limited English Proficient (LEP) workers are at a disadvantage- both professionally and in terms of safety- when they are unable to communicate with colleagues and clients. Which leads to a misunderstanding about their job, increases the risk of making dangerous mistakes and become less likely to get promotions when there are English speaking team members. In the United States, the unfortunate reality remains that the lower English comprehension skills the more likely workplace accidents are to occur. Ensuring that employees understand that English for construction workers will help employers in 3 major ways:
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