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Workforce English Training for Manufacturers Is Essential In 3 States

Workforce English training is an important element of onboarding that business owners should not overlook. When approximately 67% of the U.S manufacturing workforce speaks Spanish as a primary or secondary language; deciding whether or not to offer workforce English training should be an easy one. This is an industry where working with heavy machinery, and operating dangerous equipment is a requirement for the job. If your workers have a hard time understanding you and vice versa misunderstandings become more frequent, and accidents start happening at work. In 2020 OSHA stated that language barriers are a factor in 25% of all workplace accidents. If factory owners could avoid even 10% of accidents by providing language training for workers hundreds of millions of dollars could be spent somewhere other than paying off lawsuits and what workers comp requires. But who are these workers, and where are they working? How can English training for companies help everyone in your factory?
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Workforce Language Training For The U.S Leisure & Hospitality Industry

The global leisure and hospitality industry took a gigantic hit in March, 2020 and is only now just starting to recoup those losses, more than 2 years later. Specifically in U.S, small business that rely on tourists in states like New York, New Jersey and California that experienced the fallout and haven't recovered. Yet throughout the pandemic, people were more eager than before to return to traveling and for the first time, others were eager to begin. Most of us, myself included, were curious what the travel industry would look like in a post-quarantine world still dealing with COVID-19; when and if businesses were able to bounce back. With so many hospitality workers having left their jobs during quarantine to secure other means of income, a lot of hotels, casinos, cruise liners and the like are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand for travel in 2022. So how are these hospitality businesses filling these vacant roles? How can they attract top talent?
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3 Blue Collar Industries That Need Onsite English Training

When it comes to blue collar industries, a significant portion of workers are ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers. Countless companies rely on manual intensive labor as part of the job description, but for some reason don't offer industry specific language training as part of their onboarding process. Blue collar work typically involves lifting heavy materials, operating dangerous machinery, and working on a team to complete a task. Out of the top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety standards of 2021, hazard communication falls at #5; according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) attributes. In other words, failure to adequately communicate job-safety risks is a very common theme with blue collar work. What is more, according to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index of 2018, United States based businesses spend nearly a billion dollars per week on OSHA violations and workers' compensation. One would logically think then, that industries employing record high numbers of ESL speakers would prioritize making corporate language training a mandatory part of their onboarding process. Whether it's a general online English training program, or corporate language training for employees- all of programs are 100% customizable to fit all of your English training needs. Customized ESL for companies allows decision makers the flexibility to change or add anything necessary for your specific goals. Whether you choose to host class online or would prefer us to come to you with our onsite English training, we provide real solutions for real companies. Need more convincing?
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3 Onsite Language Training Classes For Blue Collar Industries

On site language training doesn't just have to be for white collar, metropolitan businesses. Corporate language training doesn't have to begin and end with English training for companies. Every day, there are hundreds of different companies who outsource some form of training for associates- regardless of their industry. No matter what is required, all of our online language classes are also offered on-site for private, small group trainings. We understand that not every client will have the exact same requirements, which is why we allow clients the freedom to personalize our curriculum. Maybe all of your associates need a refresher on safety trainings and only some need leadership matter what your unique requests are, we can accommodate them. Whether your specific needs are mentioned here or not, we provide people centered, business focused corporate English classes. Meeting your employees where they're at while remaining focused on your business objectives. When it comes to blue collar industries like construction, manufacturing or warehousing that employ millions of people from diverse backgrounds each year, they may face unique challenges when it comes to onboarding new associates or training them for a new role. Here are 3 different on site language training classes:
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