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ESL Language training in WisconsinESL language training is too important for Wisconsin's economy; driven by immigrant communities. Hailing from countries like Mexico, India, China, Laos & Thailand, the foreign-born population contributes over 5% of the state's 5.5 million residents. Finding employment in critical industries like manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, infrastructure, food services and the like is common throughout the United States. What is uncommon about Wisconsin's foreign-born communities, is that 74% of those 16 and older are employed in these critical industries, especially when compared to 65% of the native-born labor force in the same industries.

According to new Census Bureau data, the state gained around 16,000 new residents due to migration patterns. Political scientists and government officials alike acknowledge the glaring problem: that deaths are exceeding births and the economy is suffering due to not having enough employees to fill essential positions. To make matters worse, in the ten years from 2010 - 2020, Wisconsin's population only increased by 3.6%; the smallest increase in in population of any 10 year period in the state's history. With experts expecting continued population growth in the South and Western regions of the country, and Wisconsin to stay more or less the same over time.

With migration patterns continuing to rise, Wisconsin's government is hopeful in drawing more workers to the state, by creating more job opportunities while offering an attractive low cost of living (4% lower than the national average) and a slower pace of life.


How can ESL language training help WI businesses?

English classes in Ohio, ESL language trainingWith the Wisconsin (WI) state government actively working to draw more immigrant workers to the state, it should go without saying that blue collar industries should offer ESL language training (English as a Second Language) as a perk of employment. The expected influx of non-English speaking workers should signal to business owners that employee ESL classes are essential to keep up with industry demands and keep the economy afloat. By offering corporate language training for ESL employees, employers will:

1️⃣ Make the workplace safer

With onsite language training as a perk of employment, workers will not only communicate more effectively, but will be safer at work because of better communication. As a result, saving your business millions of dollars in lawsuits.

2️⃣ Attract and retain employees

Language training for ESL employees not only attracts new workers, but can be a tool to retain old ones as well. Online English classes creates new opportunities for employees both old and new because decision makers are offering to teach them a skill that transfers to all areas of life- in and outside of work.

3️⃣ Puts you in the drivers seat

By providing customized ESL classes for employees, we are able to center your people and their needs while remaining focused on your business objectives. We allow you to tailor our classes to meet all of your needs while meeting your people where they are at in their language learning journey.


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