Online English Courses Can Prevent Manufacturing Accidents

Online English Courses Can Prevent Manufacturing Accidents


Online English courses can prevent manufacturing accidents, especially when included as part of training. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) language barriers are estimated to contribute 25% of job-related accidents. Additional findings placed foreign-born Hispanic workers 69% more likely to experience fatal injuries than native-born Hispanic workers. While OSHA has been known to protect English as a Second Language or ESL speaking manufacturing workers, on-the-job fatalities have not decreased citing in many cases that employers either provided inadequate or failed to provide safety training at all. Workplace injuries, can easily result in lost wages, mounting medical bills and even long-term impairment for your workers. With every injury, the consequences for employers range from extending deadlines, to staffing shortages to potential lawsuits. Online English classes for manufacturing workers can prevent workplace accidents by addressing 3 root problems:



Online English Courses Improve Communication

Effective communication is a skill that can mitigate workplace problems no matter the industry. Specifically with manufacturing and construction based jobs, poor communication can lead to physical bodily harm in thousands of ways. In most job sites loud noises, operating large machinery and staying out of someone else's way are all distractions that could get someone hurt if they aren't paying attention. Online language training for manufacturing will help your team to resolve conflict, and increase engagement while creating a safer, more productive working environment.

English Language Training Can Prevent Overexertion

It is no secret that warehouse workers and shipping facilities work long hours and carry out physically draining tasks. In 2020, online shopping on Amazon alone increased by 220% while all e-commerce shopping rose from 16 to 19%. These surges resulted in overworked warehouse employees struggling to meet the demand of pandemic shopping. Injuries stemming from dehydration, stress, and exhaustion can occur if workers are not careful. English language training teach employees that taking breaks are just as important to prevent accidents as understanding safety protocols.

Online English Courses for Manufacturers Increases Awareness

On any given construction or manufacturing work site, there are a number of hazards that could cause serious bodily harm. Operating large and dangerous machinery, electrical wires, and working from such great heights without much to hold on to create situations that could easily go wrong without a second's warning. Online English classes for manufacturers help to prevent accidents by increasing awareness of potential dangers. Many workers possess the skills to get promoted and contribute more to the company, but lack the ability to communicate it effectively to their team. Corporate English language training for manufacturing employees will help them become safer and therefore assets to your company.


Online English courses for manufacturers are offered nation-wide and prepare workers to enhance their understanding of the English language to operate in a safer, more productive way. ESL speaking manufacturing workers develop skills that go farther than english; as they will feel more confident in communicating and working in the industry. Perfect your English further with our Corporate Language Training solutions designed to train students how to use advanced English grammar, improve English pronunciation, business English for meetingsbusiness writing skills as well as English public speaking skills, presentation skills and negotiation skills in English.

Our highly engaging interactive  English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Small Group and Private Lessons. Take our  free Online ESL Placement Test and register for one of our upcoming  online English Language courses today!


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