Workplace English Language Training for Manufacturers

Benefits of Language Training for Manufacturers

Language Training for ManufacturersAcross the United States, new Americans and permanent residents who speak limited English are working hard at increasingly sophisticated manufacturing facilities.  As their communication skills improve – especially their American English pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency, their employer’s bottom line improves.

There are significant benefits when companies with a large LEP population invest in employee English language training. Naturally, having a more skilled workforce can even increase the business’ outreach potential. In the past, many studies have been conducted related to how workplace ESL training programs improve employee productivity. In one case, where 5 employees were offered a course, they were initially skeptical about whether or not they would be able to pass the entrance exam. As it turns out, they all passed, resulting in a positive impact on each employee’s morale even before starting corporate English language training. Essentially, this opportunity allowed them to visualize their career improving.  In turn, this encouraged them to convert what they previously saw as a weakness, the fact that they were non-Native speakers, into a relevant and useful skill. The training was reinvigorating for the employees because they felt supported by the employer and capable of pursuing more meaningful work than what they had been doing up until this point. By the end, even considering that not all office employees would pass the corporate ESL course, their communication improved with their co-workers and their employer. Also, they now had a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Language Training for Manufacturers Improve Employees’ English Language proficiency

The language training for manufacturers program that we’ve developed at Language Connections focuses on on-site workplace English training.  This training improves employees’ English Language proficiency, concentrates on workplace language training, on cross-cultural training, on pronunciation training, and on accent reduction.  Classes are generally held face-to-face, because it tends to be more effective to learn from a native-speaking instructor in-person. ESL language courses for employees not only improve their language capability, but their overall communication. Corporate ESL training for manufacturers outside of the US is essential to have a dynamic workforce, it provides them with the opportunity for foreign-born professionals to be capable of moving between their company offices abroad and advancing their careers.

Language Training for Manufacturers are Tailored to Employees' Needs

These training courses are ideally held in small groups with content tailored to language training for manufacturers’ needs. Our teachers provide real-life scenarios and complete progress tracking to accelerate learning and deliver the best results. Additionally, it’s worth noting that learning a new language always benefits adults’ capacity to communicate and think. In fact, it is like exercising the brain, enhancing brain plasticity and strengthening neural networks. Basically, ESL training for employees can help slow down the aging process through cognitive recognition and enhanced memory.  Additionally, language training for manufacturers’ will surely help to create new relationships between LEP and non-LEP employees that will lead to a stronger workforce and more efficient communication between employees.

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