3 Engaging Group Activities for Corporate English Courses Online

3 Engaging Group Activities for Corporate English Courses Online

There is a reason employees enjoy any online English course for adults that involve games. Games are a balance between challenging and fun. Working together during corporate English courses online can be a great way for quiet employees to get more involved with their classmates. Games can involve all of the aspects of language, teaching employees listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Corporate English Courses Online and Guessing Games

One way corporate English courses online get employees accustomed to formulating questions is to introduce them to “Jeopardy” questions. Instructors can put the class in teams and play a few rounds. This game introduces grammatically correct questions to students through repetition and competitiveness.

Corporate English Courses Online and Pop Music

The best online English courses use music to get employees outside of their comfort zone. Instructors for corporate English courses online can use any song that is popular at the time. Because employees have an initial understanding of the original song, it can be used as a jumping off point for them to think outside the box and rewrite the song entirely. In order for employees to fully study English online, have them share their work with the rest of the class!

Corporate English Courses Online: Storytelling

For storytelling games, instructors will divide employees in corporate English courses online into small groups. Each group gets to choose three random words from a bag and must incorporate each word into a short story. Students who are tactile or kinesthetic learners will benefit greatly from learning through challenging but rewarding games. For the most speaking practice possible, employees can give each other feedback. That way, they step into the shoes of the teacher.


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