3 Memory Exercises to Learn English Online

3 Memory Exercises to Learn English Online

How often have you felt excited to study alone in your room? It is all too easy to get frustrated and to lose interest in route memorization, something course instructors for online English lessons are careful to take into account. English courses online will expose you to new challenges so you never get bored. Learn English online by sharpening your memory with games, brain teasers, and more.

Game #1 to Learn English Online: Concentration

Memory games designed to learn English online will help you to check your progress. Many concentration games have cards with words and definitions or pictures face down on the desk in an organized fashion. While in online language school, you might test your memory by matching one card with a corresponding one, and seeing how far you can go. Programs can be used for live virtual English lessons to make these game possible to coordinate with your classmates in different locations.

Game #2 to Learn English Online: Think Backwards

Another fun option to learn English online is any kind of Jeopardy game. Instead of giving questions, you might hear phrases that belong at the end of the sentence and have to come up with the first half of the sentence. This activity can be done over Zoom break out rooms in online English lessons. After, you will get the chance to share some funny sentence combinations your classmates and also hear what they came up with.

Game #3 to Learn English Online: Make your Own

Designing your own game is a unique way to see how far you have come with learning English. You might forget the rules and have to make something up on the fly, but that is all part of the fun. To learn English online, you should learn to improvise. Plus, it is another way English corporate training online will develop your people skills.


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