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Better-English-Work-450X300Learning Business English, mastering your English speaking skills and pronunciation, reducing your foreign accent, can help you impress a potential employer, improve your chances of getting a job and lead to career advancement for those of you already employed.


It’s no secret that, in order to impress a potential employer, you have to be able to speak his or her language…literally. With the global market increasing at a rapid pace (one could say daily) the need to be able to express one’s thoughts and ideas in a clear and cohesive manner is more important than ever. It’s no surprise to find that English is one of the prevailing languages in global business. Having only a minimal knowledge of the English language creates language barriers which lead to major misunderstandings and conflicts on the job. Work opportunities for foreign people, especially those in America, are thus often based on how well the potential employee can converse in English. It’s the difference between working for a global corporation in New York City and being stuck taking orders at a drive through all day.


Better English Speaking Skills – Better Job!

Better-English-InterviewHaving impeccable English skills won’t just get you farther in business opportunities. Any job which requires one to converse daily with native English speakers will favor an employee who can comfortably and correctly communicate with customers or clients. Knowing English as a second language certainly still adds value to any job, as one’s native language enables him or her to provide different perspectives and have a wider ability to communicate with the world at large. That coupled with an advanced grasp of the English language is seen as invaluable by employers.


Better-English-Youre-HiredA study done in 2010 found that only 8.7% of the U.S population was considered proficient in “limited English” by the US Census. This lack of language skills is one of the main factors in differences between wage rates for non-native English speakers, for example such an issue was attributed to the lower wage rate of Latinos versus non-Latinos in 2011. Therefore, being able to communicate in a smooth manner through various situations can be what makes you stand out from your competition and open up more job opportunities!So how can you begin to improve your English immediately? A few simple ways include: taking an English language course, practicing with friends who are native speakers, watching English programs and listening to English music! You’ll soon be on your way to a better job in no time!





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