7 Reasons Zoom Group Language Training is More Effective than In-person Training

Has Zoom Group Language Training Replaced In-person Training?

Zoom Group language training teaches students skills they need for a remote work environment. Teachers responsible for online ESL lessons for companies took advantage of Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic. This has resulted in an increased number of industries favoring this teaching method due to several...
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4 Opportunities Corporate Language Classes Online Will Create for Companies after COVID-19

Opportunities for Companies after COVID-19

For now, employees are investing in sound-proof tape and standing desks for their home offices. However, there is a trend to gradually reopen offices. Choices companies make during quarantine will prepare employees for when offices do eventually make that shift. When companies invest in corporate language classes online, they are giving...
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5 Reasons Why Zoom Individual Language Training Helps ESL Students Make Better Progress

One-on-one Lessons with Zoom Individual Language Training

There is no substitute for an individualized learning experience. When teachers are able to gauge a student’s personal successes and struggles, they can understand them holistically. This learning style is enhanced through five important aspects of Zoom individual language training.

1. High-quality Video and Sound of Zoom Individual Language Training

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Are Live Virtual English Lessons for Companies Worthwhile?

Live Virtual English Lessons for Companies During COVID-19

Given the ongoing restrictions around the world due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, educational institutions are pursuing hybrid teach models for online English training. Some are opting for entirely remote methods. However, just because classrooms are dispersed, it does not mean employees enrolled in online ESL training will...
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