Business English Lessons: How to Open and Close a Meeting in English

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Since English has become the global language of business, English competence at any company is crucial. A corporation’s success in business depends on committed team members, strong leadership, and above all, clear communication across all levels of the company.

Whether you’re an employee, a team leader or project manager, a job seeker or anyone else looking to succeed in the corporate world, the Corporate English training solutions will help prepare you.

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Business English Lessons: How to Open a Business Meeting in English

It is very important to set the tone and convey a professional attitude at the beginning of your meeting.

When you start the meeting, greet your colleagues first, state the goals for the meeting and then move to the main topics.

Here are some phrases that you can use to start the meeting.

Greeting Attendees:

“Good afternoon/good morning everyone"
"Welcome everyone"
"Thank you for coming today"

Getting Started:

"Is everyone ready to begin?"
"If everyone is here, I think we'll get started"
"We have a lot to discuss so let's start"

Stating Objectives and Goals for the Meeting:

"We're here today to..."
"Our goal for today's meeting is..."
"Today I'd like to..."
"Today our objectives are..."
"On today's agenda, we have..."
"I've arranged this meeting so that we can..."

Business English Lessons: How to Close a Meeting in English

Summarizing the Meeting:

"In this meeting we have discussed"
“The main points that I'd like to sum up are..."
"Let me summarize what we have talked about today before we finish"
"To summarize today's meeting"
"Today we have covered..."

Ending the Meeting:

"That's all for today"
"I think we've covered our primary objectives for today"
"Unfortunately, we are out of time"
"It seems as though we've run out of time for today"

Thanking the Participants:

“Thank you very much for making the time in your schedule for today's meeting"
"I'd like to thank everyone for coming today"

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