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How Employee Language Training Can Advance Your Career

Employee Language Training Can Open a Variety of Opportunities

Immigrants are integral to the US workforce and thus English employee language training for them is imperative. Being able to speak, read, and write proficiently in English can open a variety of opportunities for foreign-born employees, including pay raises, promotions, and internal transfers— not to mention...
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What is Customized Workplace Language Training?

Customized Workplace Language Training

Customized Workplace Language Training is a type of language training that is tailored to the needs of students or a particular company. After conducting a thorough needs analysis with the participants, a language program manager provides guidelines and suggested materials to help the language instructor develop a customized language training...
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Do You Use These Commonly Misused Words?

Have you ever told someone that you literally died from embarrassment? Most likely – and you’re not alone. However, this phrase happens to be incorrect English. Colloquial English is littered with misused phrases and words that, in the wrong setting, can make extremely smart people seem very dumb. Unfortunately these words are often used in the context of trying to sound intelligent or knowledgeable about a subject. For ESL learners, perhaps nothing is more embarrassing for than being called out on improper English when they are trying to make a good impression – especially in the workplace.
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