Business English Classes: Phrases to Use in a Business Meeting

Business English Classes: How to Lead a Meeting

As the leader of the meeting, you will need to be able to introduce the topic of the meeting, transition to a new topic and keep your colleagues focused.
You need to do this in English with a high level of confidence, fluency and professionalism.

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Here below are some phrases that you can use during your next business meeting.

Business English Classes: Phrases to Use in the middle of the meeting

Introducing the First Topic:

"Let's start with..."
“The first item on the agenda is..."
"We'll open today's meeting with..."
"I'd like to direct your attention to..."
"Please turn your attention to..."

Transitioning to the Next Topic:

"Let's shift our attention to..."
"Moving on, let's take a look at...."
"Next, I'd like to discuss..."
"Let's transition to our next item of business"
"Why don't we move on"

Keeping Attendees Focused:

"Let's try to focus"
"We've gotten off course, let's return to..."
"We have sidetracked a bit, let's look at..."
"Let's get back to the main point"
"Going back to our main objective for today..."

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