Business English Program

Business English Course Description

Business English Course

Learn Business English in 6 weeks

Our Business English Course focuses on 5 areas of language competency that are vital for effective professional communication and will help you significantly improve your English in just 8 weeks:

Business English Course1) Vocabulary Building

Students will be exposed to new business vocabulary in context (rather than in isolated word lists that have no meaning or connections to their world). Our specifically designed gap-fill exercises will allow students practice the new vocabulary in different contexts and broaden their understanding of the words’ meaning range.

2) Speaking

Utilizing a variety of classroom speaking activities will help students speak and listen effectively using the new vocabulary and grammatical structures and increase their communication skills.
All speaking exercises that include role-plays, presentations and discussions recreate real common workplace scenarios.

3) Pronunciation

Students will identify their pronunciation difficulties and increase their accuracy in producing more native-like American English. This class will also focus on reducing students’ foreign accent, improving the speech rhythm, intonation and stress in conversational English.

Business English Course4) Grammar   

Students will review advanced level grammar which will allow them to improve their written and spoken accuracy. This will help them function more efficiently and feel more secure in the workplace.

5) Writing

Students will analyze, practice and improve their writing skills in business communication assignments that include email messages, reports, business letters, memos, summaries, and meeting minutes, while reviewing and correcting necessary grammar and vocabulary.

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