Business English Program

Why take our Business English Course?

Business English courseTop 5 reasons to take our Business English Program:

  1. Gain confidence in your communication skills.
  2. Improve your oral and written English.
  3. Become more employable.
  4. Make yourself more valuable in the workplace.
  5. Learn Business English from the best native English speaking teachers.



Why does good English make you more employable?

Proving to your prospective employer that you have excellent oral and written English language skills will increase your confidence at a job interview and will allow you to express yourself more assertively and communicate more effectively.

Business English Course in Boston, MAHow can incorrect grammar make a poor first impression?

Unclear communication is the biggest issue caused by using incorrect grammar when writing or speaking.

In addition to creating communication misunderstandings, incorrect grammar also makes a poor first impression. If you are a jobseeker with grammatical errors in your resume, a company recruiter may see you as less intelligent than a candidate who has similar skills but was able to proofread properly.

If you own a business and have grammatical errors in your marketing materials, potential customers may see these mistakes as an indication that your company is sloppy or simply unreliable.

How does good English make you more valued in the workplace?

Good oral and written English is crucial to the success of any company, not only in terms of effective administration but also in terms of commercial success. Poorly written emails and inability to express yourself clearly can often lead to mis-communication and misunderstanding, in turn leading to further administrative problems in a workplace.

Take control of your future: Enhance your Professional English!

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