Do you really need a TEFL Certificate Training?

Do you really need a TEFL Certificate?

TEFL Certificate TrainingDo you really need a TEFL Certificate? It depends. Some countries like China and South Korea require it, while others like Cambodia, don’t even require you to have a four-year diploma

While South Korea is very strict on their TEFL policy, many people bend the rules in China. While you can definitely get a job teaching English in China without a TEFL Certificate training it will be difficult for you to find full-time employment, impossible to procure a long-term visa, and you may also be scammed since you’ll have no legal backing.


Can you get hired without a TEFL Certificate?

While some schools may be more than happy to hire you without a TEFL Certification, these may not be the schools you want to work for. The reason they want TEFL-less you is either because they can’t afford a teacher with a TEFL Certificate or they can’t get a teacher with a TEFL Certificate to agree to work for them… or they just don’t want to deal with getting you a visa.

For this reason alone, you should get a TEFL Certificate if you are planning on teaching in a country that requires one. You will command higher pay, which will more than cover your initial investment, and you'll find a better job that will be able to hire you legally.

Is getting a TEFL Certificate worth it?

If you plan on teaching in a country that doesn't require a TEFL Certificate, it's up to you whether or not you think taking a TEFL Certificate Training Program is worth it. In addition to government rules, there are many other reasons you might consider getting one (e.g. basic training on how to do a new job well).

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