TEFL / TESOL Certificate Program

TESOL / TEFL Certificate Course Description

TESOL / TEFL Certificate Training Course Description

TEFL is the acronym for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language", or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers. TESOL is the acronym for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages".

In practical terms, when these terms are applied to the field of teaching English abroad, there is little or no difference between TEFL and TESOL.

Our TESOL / TEFL Certificate Training Course includes 6 main components:

1) Foreign Language Exposure:
TEFL Certificate CourseDuring our TESOL / TEFL Certificate training, participants receive a few hours of instruction in an unknown foreign language. This session helps them reflect on the experience of being a learner. This part of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate training helps participants create empathy between the teacher and student to direct their own teaching.

2) Language Awareness

  1.  This part of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate course focuses on grammar and covers subjects such as the structure of tenses, parts of speech,modals, conditionals and other grammar points. During these sessions participants learn ways to teach these subjects to ESL students.
  2. This part of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate course focuses on phonology and covers phonemics, intonation, word stress, sentence stress, and connected speech.

3) Teaching Techniques
TEFL Certificate Training CourseThis part of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate program covers areas such as:

  1. Establishing rapport
  2. Discipline in the classroom
  3.  Classroom management
  4. Lesson planning
  5. Evaluation and testing
  6. Managing equipment and teaching aids
  7. Correction techniques
  8. Teaching vocabulary
  9. Teaching grammar
  10. Teaching reading and listening (receptive skills)
  11. Teaching speaking and writing (productive skills)
  12. Teaching beginner students
  13. Teaching individual students
  14. Creating materials
  15. Games in the classroom
  16. Songs in the classroom


4) Teaching Practice:
During the teaching practice sessions, participants have the opportunity to teach real students of English and put into practice the skills they learnt during the theoretical parts of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate course.

5) Student Profile
For this part of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate course, each participant is required to work with an individual student in order to learn how to address individual student needs and build a rapport, develop error analysis and correction techniques.

Completing student profile requires 3 meetings with the student. After that the participant will have a one-to-one lesson with their student and completes a written lesson report.


6) Materials Project
TESOL / TEFL Certificate CourseIn this part of the TESOL / TEFL Certificate course the participants are required to create their own set of materials to be used during the teaching practice. They can use these materials in future teaching assignments.

Creating their own materials will help students develop their creativity and resourcefulness and work on lesson planning. The materials should be durable,portable and adaptable for different parts of the lesson.

After the trainees create their materials, they will present their project to their trainer. The trainer will provide recommendations and suggestions.




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