Embarrassing Mispronunciations in Online ESL Classes

Embarrassing Mispronunciations in Online ESL Classes

You can hide your messy house with a Zoom background. Unfortunately, there are some things that you can’t cover up during online language school. One of them is your pronunciation. Online ESL Classes help you pick up on your mistakes so they do not become habits.

Start off Online ESL Classes with Espresso

Live English classes online take place in real time. For that reason, you might want to start of your Online ESL Classes with an espresso shot, so you seem lively. Just make sure you say espresso, not “ex-presso.” Adding extra letters is a common beginner-level mistake that everyone will make while learning a new language. These common mistakes are important to point out so you can move on to more advanced concepts.

Pronunciation during Online ESL Classes

Ironically, pronunciation is often pronounced incorrectly. The best online English courses will go into theory behind mistakes. For example the verb “pronounce” contains the syllable "noun" while the noun “pronunciation” does not. Weird intricacies like this in the English language may be the cause of many mistakes. During online ESL classes, you will want to practice pronouncing words to perfect your pronunciation.

Definitely Practice Outside Online ESL Classes

Not only is "definitely" mispronounced by speakers during online English courses, but everyone—English language learners and native speakers alike—often struggle with spelling the word. One thing is for sure. It is definitely good to practice your spelling in addition to pronunciation outside of your online ESL classes.

Take a Respite from Online ESL Classes

Respite does not rhyme with "despite." Considering all the other English words that look like they should rhyme, called “eye rhymes”—think about words like “arm” and “warm” or “boot” and “foot.” The proper way to pronounce this word is “res-pit.” All these nuances take time to grasp while you learn English online, so make sure you give yourself a break from studying for Online ESL Classes, so you come back ready to learn.


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