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English Training for Associates & The Importance Of Skills Training

English training for associates improves their grasp on the language, and all the soft skills required for effective communication. Among some of these soft skills are things like: negotiation, active listening, comprehension, and dictation which can all be incorporated into employee English lessons. English training for associates is a tool that decision makers and business owners can customize to fit their business objectives, while accommodating individual learning styles and levels of the associates actually taking the class. By giving leaders 100% customization of our curriculum- whether that requires industry specific English training or hosting our English classes onsite at your business location- we are putting you in the drivers' seat. Why do we do this? Because our success depends on how successful your associates are. A successful English language training course for companies cannot be one size fits all; there are too many industries and even within the same industry, there are different skills one company identifies that a competitor already succeeds in. We call this approach people centered (because your associates needs and learning styles are important to identify) and business focused; allowing us to meet your people where they are at and deliver the results you need to see. Corporate English language training looks different for construction workers than it does for white collar businesses but we still offer flexibility in class location. So whether your company requires onsite English training (because associates need to learn safety instructions for big machinery) or prefers online English training through our LIVE webinar portal- all of our classes are taught by expert instructors.
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English Training Online and Its Benefits For Manufacturing Companies

In the manufacturing industry, economic growth has caused and effected huge technological advances resulting in the increased demand for manufacturing workers around the globe. With that level of corporate expansion comes an element of cooperation, and a need for comprehensive training. English training online will help manufacturing professionals communicate better, leading to a safer work environment and increase in engagement and create a more pleasant and productive working environment. English training online can look like a lot of different things. Sometimes that can look like  ESL classes for employees (English as a Second Language). Other times, workplace language training can be utilized to improve your employees' professional business skills such as leadership training or time management to name a few. We can even work with non-native English speakers on accent reduction and pronunciation where students will learn to correctly pronounce and practice all the intricacies of spoken English.
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