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English Classes For IT Industry Employees

English classes for Information Technology (IT) employees are people centered, business focused. Meaning that whatever class you pick, will customize to meet your specific business needs, while centering your employees who are actually taking our online English courses. For example, if your employees need to improve pronunciation, we will customize our curriculum to meet your goals. But we do this in realistic ways - because we understand that learning a language is a very long process. Most language training companies provide general English training. After assessing your employees' individual English competencies and levels, we create a unique Employee ESL program with realistic goals for them to achieve. In fact, our English courses for companies can get as specific as you need them to be. Here's some examples of what we can provide:
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Professional English Grammar & The Challenges Adult ESL Learners Face

Professional English- or communicating in a manner that is appropriate in the workplace- is a language skill that native English speakers must learn as they enter they enter the workforce. As with any language, there are different manners of speaking that are appropriate for different situations. For instance, native speakers will be more casual when speaking with friends, using slang words, speaking faster and becoming more animated while being less aware of tone, volume and accents. When it's time for that same person to go to work, they will change how they speak by using proper grammar structures, a bigger vocabulary, while speaking at a slower pace and lower volume. When it's time to go home, they may not speak as proper to their parents or respected individuals but not as casual as when hanging out with friends. Being aware of who you are talking to and knowing how to address them is a fundamental element of being a fluent English speaker. So what do business owners and decision makers do when they have workers who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) and need to provide them with a business English course?
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