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Associate ESL: Pronunciation Struggles & How To Solve Them

Associate ESL (English as a Second Language) just means learning English as a Second Language for a corporate environment. This can look like working with our team to create a customized ESL program that seeks to address and improve specific professional skills, like public speaking or business writing for ESL associates, for example. Or maybe you own a construction company; associate ESL could also look like creating an industry specific English program that is specific to the construction industry. Whatever your corporate goals are for employee ESL  our team of expert instructors can help you meet them by addressing your safety concerns at construction sites and complying with OSHA standards of safety. After all, if your associates are struggling to understand safety instructions, your team becomes at risk of injury and your business more vulnerable to preventable lawsuits. Considered one of the hardest, learning English as a Second Language is more difficult for adult learners; even more so when learning with coworkers. Everyone naturally wants to impress! 
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