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Online ESL Courses For Companies & Common Pronunciation Challenges

Online ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for companies provide an opportunity for your employees to learn English online in a manner is customized  to your objectives as a business owner or leader. Just everyone learns at their own pace, every decision maker has their own individual objectives for providing corporate English courses to employees. Whether you need English training for employees that is industry specific that emphasizes safety trainings for blue-collar workers, or you require accent reduction for a few ESL employees who work in sales, we can help find the solution that works for your employees and your leadership team. No two associates learn the same way, just as  no two corporate English training courses are exactly the same. Our expert instructors  will be able to provide your associates with a unique and engaging approach to English courses for companies, which will have your employees meeting goals that are realistic for their level, timely, and relevant to their everyday work throughout the course. But what do those goals look like when employees are noticeably struggling with pronunciation? What are some common pitfalls when it comes to Online ESL courses?
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Corporate English Training Courses & Common ESL Mistakes

Corporate English training courses are a valuable tool for leaders in the business world to have readily available. Especially for the companies that employ ESL workers (who speak English as a Second Language) knowing that corporate English training courses exist, and they serve to fulfill your business objectives is a relief for many businesses regardless of industry. By offering decision makers the ability to customize our curriculum our English courses for employees are truly people centered, business focused. In that,  English training will always center around your actual employees, their needs and learning pace; while remaining focused on your goals. For instance, maybe you own a construction business and you need your ESL employees to improve their English skills while emphasizing industry specific vocabulary, and highlighting safety trainings for their specific roles in your company. Or maybe you are a business owner in the agricultural industry and some of your employees are hard to understand and want to focus on accent reduction and pronunciation. Whatever your reason is for offering corporate language training to employees, we can help you achieve those goals. While different English as a Second Language learners struggle with different aspects of the language, improving upon written English is something many employers need from their ESL employees. Here's some common written English mistakes and how to avoid them...
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