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Get FREE Online Employee Language Training In MA or NY & Get Paid?!

Yes, you read that title correctly, and no, we don't blame you for questioning it either. Online employee language training is an important resource that many companies have overlooked. To their credit it may not make as much sense, as it does for those in blue collar industries or that are multi-national; but every business owner should be aware of its existence. All businesses in blue collar industries- like construction or manufacturing- in particular should not only be aware that language training online exists, but that it works and can save thousands to millions of dollars. When a workforce operates with ESL (English as a Second Language) employees, there is a greater chance for misinterpretation. We aren't saying EVERY business faces this problem, but it is common enough for middle managers to warrant employee development plans. Especially for businesses in blue collar industries, where working with complex and heavy equipment is part of the job description, a simple miscommunication can have bigger, even life-threatening consequences for your company. Sure, an investing in online English courses costs money up front, but when you compare that cost against a an injury or wrongful death lawsuit because someone misunderstood instruction, you have to ask yourself... is the risk worth that cost? And to be clear, the risk of NOT investing is more than money- it's a gamble with your employees safety and lives.
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