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Employee English Class and Safety In Factories

Employee English class is as much about worker safety as it is about improving communication. Typically, blue collar manufacturing businesses tend to hire more ESL workers (who speak English as a Second Language). As a business owner, you have a responsibility to provide every worker with a safe working environment. Usually this means going over the safety trainings again, having proper signage throughout the workspace etc. Business owners and decision makers should be prepared to take additional steps to ensure worker safety. If an ESL employee is struggling with pronunciation, how can they communicate to the rest of their team? If they can't understand terminology needed for their job, how can you trust they can follow instruction? Especially in big factories, communication is as much about safety as any other protocol you are required to follow.
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Why Group English Classes Are Needed for Utah’s Manufacturing Boom

In the last 5 years, residents of Utah and other South Western states have experienced a large manufacturing boom. The emergence of these large manufacturing companies in industries like tech, construction, medical equipment and more, have made manufacturing one of the most diverse workforces in the United States. Working in these plants requires a lot of stamina and often requires operating heavy machinery that puts people in regular, dangerous situations to complete their day's work. And by employing millions of people who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) and those who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) many manufacturing workers may require a 360 approach to onboarding. For the CEOs of these companies, it is in their best interest to provide workers with training that is comprehensive enough to avoid these kinds of accidents that can bankrupt companies and destroy their workers lives forever.
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3 Reasons Why English for Construction Workers is Essential

At this time, construction workers are one of the few groups of essential workers that must continue their job by working on-site. When looking to increase their safety as well as overall productivity, consider investing in courses in English for construction workers. Learning English for manufacturing workers will improve workplace performance, ensure safety, and create...
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Company Language Training Online Transformed These Three Industries for the Better

Why Invest in Company Language Training?

Interdisciplinary fields attract people from all walks of life. This trend towards globalization has also increased our reliance on technology. Experts across multiple industries have studied why company language training online makes communication easier in these diverse, ever-changing industries.

1. Life Sciences: English with Scientific Precision through Company Language Training Online

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