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Online English Classes for Companies & Benefits for 3 Top Industries

Online English classes for companies is a beneficial investment in any industry. Whether it's teaching employees soft skills like public speaking, industry specific language training, or corporate language lessons; there is a solution for all your business needs. All of our online language training courses are people centered, business focused and uniquely formatted to fit your specific needs. What does that mean? To put it simply, we center the individual needs of your employees while remaining focused on your specific business objectives. Let's say you have an employee named Michael who is a seasoned, expert welder who you feel would make a great trainer for newer employees- but he has a very thick accent that your team has trouble understanding. Let's say you are also expanding your manufacturing company abroad, and you need a few employees to learn the local language. We will work with you to design a program that can get all your employees where you want them to be while meeting them individually at their own level; hence, people centered, business focused. All of our online English Classes are: 100% customizable  Taught by experts  Conducted online via live webinar format 
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