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English Lessons For Adults & Overcoming Common Language Mistakes

English lessons for adults can be a stressful experience for students- especially when they are corporate sponsored. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward at work in order to make a good impression. And when your boss needs you to improve upon English language skills, adults feel the pressure more and are slower learners than children who tend to pick up a new language easier and quicker. A silver lining here, is that all of our corporate language training programs are private classes, and never exceed 15 learners. Providing decision makers with the ability to customize is what sets us apart from similar companies- whether that means incorporating elements of professional skills trainings like combining negotiation skills with employee English lessons, or improving upon presentations and public speaking for ESL employees or even  industry specific English courses- all of our online language training for businesses can be customized to meet all of your business needs. Despite the class size, and the level of attention our expert instructors provide your associates, there is always room for improvement. Making mistakes should be encouraged, and associates shouldn't be afraid to make them during class. Making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn, and besides... everyone makes them at some point. So here's a few common mistakes and how to overcome them:
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