Top 5 Most Popular Corporate Language Courses

What are the Most Popular Corporate Language Courses?

As the international marketplace shifts and continues to become even more global, corporate language training and language training for employees becomes more of a staple in business. Bilingualism and multilingualism can open new doors to new opportunities in the business world.  Speaking another language is imperative to understanding cultural nuances, inferences, and technical terms but it also offers great benefits to employees.  Offering your employees corporate language classes can increase communication within the workplace, bolster their resumes and potential, and increase brand productivity. Though English has been the predominant language of business for years, and corporate English courses are already required by many companies, other languages are up and coming. Here is a list of the top five most popular languages for corporate language courses:

1. English Corporate Language Courses

English is by far the most popular of the many corporate language courses available. After all, English is the language of business in our global economy. When people in your company speak the same language, it ensures that everyone is safe and feels valued. Employees are also excited to learn English, as it opens new doors for them in their future career paths.

2. Spanish Corporate Language Courses

Spanish: Spanish is becoming the language of the fasted growing American Market Segment. By 2050, the Hispanic population in the US, the world’s largest economy, is projected to double. Seeing as there are over 35 million American-Spanish speakers and 425 million Spanish speakers worldwide, Spanish is imperative for communicating and broad outreach. It is also a relatively easy language to learn, given its similar Latin roots to English. Implementing Spanish language lessons for employees could help set your company apart.

3. Mandarin Corporate Language Courses

China has both the fastest growing economies and populations in the world. Utilizing a Corporate language courses to teach employees Mandarin would be an extremely useful skill. Furthermore, Mandarin is one of the leading languages on the internet and digital-sphere. If you want an edge in international business, Mandarin language training is the way to go.

4. Portuguese Corporate Language Courses

Portuguese is one of the top 10 spoken languages in the world, and Portugal and Brazil are known for their up and coming economies. Brazil is leading in scientific cooperation and collaboration, and energy efficiency. Its closeness to Spanish makes it a relatively easy, but incredibly useful language to learn. Portuguese corporate language courses would certainly advance your employees and make your company standout.

5. German Corporate Language Courses

Though German is a difficult language to pick up, it could help set your employees apart. German language classes for companies are helpful because the German economy is one of the strongest in the EU with its industrial and technological strength, so the ability to speak German is extremely helpful to international business. German is one of the most used languages worldwide, and is commonly spoken in Europe, which makes corporate language programs in German very important.

Corporate language courses are the indisputable way to set your company and employees apart from the rest in the global marketplace. Language training courses for business are an increasingly common investment.

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