Business English and General English

What is the difference between Business English and General English?

Business English TrainingThere are more similarities than differences between Business English and General English. They both require the development of core skills such as: speaking, vocabulary building, reading, writing grammar, pronunciation and listening comprehension.

What does Business English Course focus on?

It is important to have a good basis of General English to be able to communicate effectively.  However, Business English courses focus on particular vocabulary, topics and skills that are applicable to the workplace and enable you to communicate accurately. Here are some examples:

  • participating in meetings
  • being involved in negotiations
  • making phone/conference calls
  • writing emails/reports
  • doing presentations

You will also be able to concentrate on topics that are relevant to your industry or company, which could include law, finance, medicine, IT, Marketing or Human Resources, while simultaneously enhancing your General English skills.

How will a Business English course help me?

By studying Business English you can improve your overall English language ability while targeting areas that will help you achieve your goals at work. These could be anything from starting on your career path, looking for a promotion, pushing for a pay rise or simply feeling more confident in your role. Whatever your reasons may be, learning Business English can contribute to your professional progress.

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