Corporate English Training & 4 Business Gains

Corporate English training directly benefits both employers and their employees. At Language Connections, our online corporate English courses are tailored to the specific industry and requirements of your company or organization. Your employees are the cornerstone of your business, without whom it would be difficult if not impossible to run your business smoothly. Investing in them is the fastest way to grow your business and reputation.

With our online corporate language training courses, your employees will develop professional English skills that increase their confidence and communication; in turn impacting the health and success of your business for the better. In this increasingly modern world, business becomes more international- from outsourcing employees in other countries, to expanding into foreign markets, to trading internationally and everything in between- the demand for corporate sponsored language training increases.

But what exactly does your business stand to gain from offering English language training?


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1. Corporate Sponsored English Courses Improve Brand Reputation

Public opinion is arguably one of, if not the most important indicator of success for your brand or company. When customers and clients contact customer service, they are  immediately start forming opinions about your company and its legitimacy based upon the messages and quality of customer service they receive. In this day and age where we dissect someone else's reviews and opinions before purchasing or making business decisions- your customer service team is also your brand ambassador team. Equipping them with the necessary tools to engage in meaningful, professional conversation with your target audience builds the trustworthy relationships that drives your business to long-term success.


2. Increase Market Share with Corporate Language Training


As your business expands its global presence, you must be prepared to communicate and provide services in the languages of all your customers. Our corporate sponsored language training program will increase your business' potential to operate in new markets. In recent years, developing economies and multicultural market segments have been showing long-term potential for future business development.


3. Corporate English Training Increases Employee Retention

Finding talented and qualified employees requires a great deal of effort and can be costly. According to the Society for Human resource Management, on average U.S businesses spend $4,100 per person and three to six months on-boarding new employees. After all of that time, energy and money you come to expect a return on your investments. When employees feel like their work is appreciated, are well compensated and respected, the quality of work and productivity skyrockets. With corporate language training, ensure they are set up for success.


4. Improve Internal Communication With Corporate English Training for Employees

Whether it be personal or professional relationships, communication is essential and everyone has their own unique style of communicating. Unsurprisingly, communication or lack thereof, is the leading problem companies face. Research shows that nearly 90% of business success relies on communication. In a multicultural environment, language barriers limit collaboration and reduce work productivity.


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